May Mystery Box!

May Mystery Box!

$42.50 USD

This month's box theme is..."Mixin' it Up!" (bringing some magic back to the kitchen)! The box will be full of items to bring extra joy and fun to your time in the kitchen (after a year of what feels like endless cooking and clean-up, we can all use a little infusion of magic). 

Each month we will be offering a small number of these marvelous Mystery Boxes, filled with a special selection of curated and carefully crafted items not available for sale on the website. They will be items we are working on developing, things we created just for fun in a small batch, one of a kind items made with special fabrics, or items that we offer in the shop but in exclusive fabrics just for our Box buddies.

Basically, it's a whole lot of fun surprises bundled into a box and who doesn't need a fun little treat right now, right?! These would also make a fantastic gift for a friend who needs a pick me up.

Boxes will be made available each month for purchase, this is NOT a subscription!

The contents of the box are valued well over the price you pay - this month's items are valued at $57!

Each month, we will include the work of another small maker that coordinates with the theme for the month! Yippee!  - This month's featured maker is Frank Community Farm

Mystery boxes ship within a month of purchase (we make the items all month long and then pack them up and ship them your way!) - May Mystery Boxes will ship by May 26th

Customer Reviews

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Allison Patel
Love it!

I can't wait for next month's box!

Marvelous Mystery Box

I was so excited to receive my mystery box especially knowing it would be filled with items for the kitchen!
It was all just what I needed! I had been looking for new potholders and had been tempted to buy a wet bag and this box exceeded expectations!
Adriaan is such an amazing human who puts so much thought and love into these items and I can’t wait to see what the next box will hold!

Leslie Souleret

May Mystery Box!

marita follansbee
a delightful surprise

I just received my third mystery box and each one has been such a lovely collection of beautifully made and thoughtful items...the items are so pretty to look at but also so useful and fun! Thanks Beego!!!!