COVID-19 Precautions

We hope you all are staying safe and we are sending so much love to anyone who has been affected by this pandemic. Dealing with COVID-19 has required some adjustment from our team and we wanted to share with you what steps we have taken to help prevent the spread.

Employee Precautions

Since the start of the pandemic, the Beego team have been working from home with sporadic solo trips to the studio to pick up supplies. There has never been more than one employee in the studio at a time, and we follow a strict disinfection protocol that involves hand washing and surface sanitization upon arrival and departure. When exchanging products or delivering supplies to each other, we wear masks and stay more than 6 feet apart.
Yes, this means your products are being sewn in our homes for the time being! A throwback to the very beginning of Beego when our owner Adriaan worked by herself at home, except less fun, honestly. We miss working with each other, but we know how important it is to protect each other, so we follow the very important rules! If any of us are feeling unwell, we won't work on products. If we have symptoms that seem like COVID-19, we get tested and stay away from products until we know we are negative.

Limiting your exposure when purchasing from online stores:

Experts at Harvard recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds after touching newly arrived packages or mail. Studies suggest that COVID-19 can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so if you're feeling extra cautious, you can leave your package untouched for a day or two before opening it. After opening packages, remember to wash your hands before moving on to what's inside!
 We always recommend you wash your new products before the first use anyway, so that practice works in our favor during a pandemic! Info on how to wash our products can be found on the product tags included with your purchase, our FAQ page, or the individual product page on this website. Care instructions vary from product to product.

We are not experts, so if you have any other questions about how the virus spreads, please refer to this handy resource!

Moving Forward

We have no plans to return to the studio, host events, or sell at markets any time soon. We are continuing to exercise an abundance of caution. Navigating this pandemic as a small business has not been easy, and we are so thankful to each of you for supporting us and continuing to purchase from us during this time!