Meet the team


Adriaan Gomez

Adriaan loves dreaming up new products, going on neighborhood walks with her husband, Erick, and their two little girls, warm sunshine in the winter, selling our stuff at markets, and planting flowers. Owning a business like Beego is an absolute dream come true, and even on the hard days, she is so grateful that this is what she gets to do in life.  


Alex Mendez     

Alex is Beego’s resident Mariah Carey, animal, earth, family, and coffee mug lover. She was a follower/user of all things Beego prior to joining the team as an employee. Alex believes in what Adriaan and Beego represent, and is also so grateful to work with wonderful women. When not Beego-ing, she is hanging out with her husband, 3 wonderful boys, and 2 dogs.